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South County Basketball


Q: What night of the week is practice? Games?

A: Rec basketball is happening each night of the week within different grade level leagues at different schools. Any specific practice day and time largely depends on the team’s coach. Players will be drafted onto a team on Saturday, November 25. The coaches will reach out to the selected team members and communicate which day(s) time(s), and locations practice will be held.

Typically, teams have 1-2 opportunities per week to practice, and games on Saturdays.

Q: Please, I would like to have my child play on the same team as their friend. Can you please put them on the same team? I want my child to play for Coach _______, can you please put my child on Coach _______'s team?

A: Teams are selected by the volunteer Rec Basketball Head Coaches via player draft. The Basketball Commissioner does not customize teams. We understand that many parents wish to have their children paired or grouped with friends or familiar faces when forming teams. We appreciate the importance of such requests, as they often stem from a desire to ensure comfort and familiarity for your children. However, we want to take a moment to clarify our approach to team formation. 

At our organization, we prioritize the principles of equality and fairness in competition. To maintain a level playing field for all participants, we do not consider personal friendships or preferences when creating teams. We firmly believe that if we were to accommodate one parent’s request for specific team arrangements, we would be obligated to do the same for every parent who makes a similar request. Given the numerous individual requests we receive, it would become logistically impossible to fulfill them all. Our goal is to cultivate an environment in which youth sports remain a sacred place promoting equality and fairness. We aim to provide opportunities for children to meet new people and build connections while also competing with or against their friends. This approach helps us foster diversity and inclusion within our program. 

We kindly ask for your support in creating a sporting environment that is inclusive of all participants, regardless of their social connections. By focusing on the game of basketball itself, we can ensure that every child has the chance to develop their skills, make new friends, and experience the joys of healthy competition.

Q: Is this recreational league suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely, our program focuses on instilling fundamental basketball principles, fostering skill development, and providing a enjoyable yet competitive environment. Our goal is to teach kids a style of basketball that seamlessly transitions to various leagues and levels as they grow and develop.

Q: What schools do SCAA Basketball play at?

A: Here is a list of our gym locations..

- Gunston Elementary School

- Laurel Hill Elementary School

- Newington Forest Elementary School

- Lorton Station Elementary School

- South County Middle School

- South County High School

Q: Are there any scholarship opportunities or discounts for low income families?

A: Please download the application form here:

Please fill it out and scan it back with supporting docs to:

Q: Is the league coed, or is it divided into all boys and all girls teams?

A: Generally, the first and second grade league is coed. However, we’re actively working to strengthen the girls’ basketball community through partnerships with local stakeholders. To encourage greater female participation, we’re extending registration to build an all-girls league, striving to include as many girls as possible.

Q: What are the start and end dates of the winter basketball gym season, and what activities occur in between?

A: The winter basketball gym season kicks off officially on November 15. In the initial two weeks, coaches conduct player assessments, leading up to the player draft on November 25. Preseason practice starts in December, followed by preseason games in the same month. The regular season games commence in the first week of January. The season encompasses regular games, playoffs, a championship, and an All-Star game, concluding around mid-March.


Girls & Boys Programs

Travis Coleman

South County Basketball Commissioner


We have the permits, dates will be announced soon.

Rec League expanded to grades 9 thru 12!!

Adult referees needed, paid position, Saturdays, 6 one-hour shifts available each week this Winter, Jan-Mar

Fundraising and Event Coordinator position available

scaa basketball needs a volunteer Scheduler & Referee Director for Winter League

scheduler should be good at spreadsheets, please email if you are interested

SCAA 2023 Travel Basketball Recognition!!!

Big Congratulations!! going out to the following Colts for their Recognition from Fairfax County Youth Basketball League:

Boys 6th Grade D2 Coach of the Year: Jason Coleman

Boys 6th Grade All League: Titus Coleman

Boys 8th Grade All League: Bilal Bangura